Steven Chitwood

Senior FX TD



I was raised in Minden, Nevada with a loving family. I graduated from Douglas High School and started my college right out of high school. I was driven during my first year of embedding my arts with engineering. At the end of my freshman year, I was brought on as a VFX TD on a short film -Driven- for 14 months. There, I've founded my passion for VFX and have been practicing non stop since then. Near the end of production, I hopped on another short project responsible for all the FX.

Interned at sidefx for 3 months, summer of 2015, blue sky for 6 months up in New York/Conniticut, Walt Disney Animation Studios for 1.25 years, and doing VFX work in Vancouver for just over 2 years. That experience includes Double Negative (6 months) and Image Engine (1.5 years).

Learned and grew a lot in Vancouver but now it’s time to go back to LA for family, finance, and career reasons. Lots of potential there for me:)

Houdini is still my baby of course, been learning Unreal Engine 4 since games were the original kickstarter for me even starting my journey to begin with. But now I love doing all kinds of work ya’ know? I do wanna embark into games in addition of more animation, VFX, and now commercials. And whatever else really:)